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We are the Araujo Family

We love Christmas and this is our bigger time of the year, we love decorating and we have always decorate in and outside of our house. We start learning and Synchronizing lights to music in 2013 and we have add lights and displays every year.

We learn how to do watching videos how to from others display and also participating in classes and events Durant the year like Christmas Expo and The Academy.

We thank you a lot for the Christmas light show community who record and post videos showing how to do the displays and also to the vendors how show how to use they products.

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Habitasse Platea,

100 Mauris Rutrum,

Quisque Pede, CA


Duis: 012-345-6787

Email: dfwchristmaslightshow@gmail.com

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For watch live show call: 817-937-1876